Premix for Oil FortificationKnow More about LIPOVIT

LIPOVIT ( Vitamin fortificant for oil )

A micronutrient supplement (Vitamin fortificant) for the Edible Oil
& the Vanaspati Industry, Premix of Vitamin A & D.

Premix for Milk FortificationKnow More about LACTOVIT

Lactovit Vitamin Fortificant For Milk

330,000 Children's Die due to Vitamin - A Deficiency Every Year
What if we were to add Vitamins - (A & D) to a Product that
Indian Children Consume Frequently, Which is Milk the Good
News is that it can be fortified with Vitamins.

Micronutrient Premix and custom premixesKnow More about MICROZON

Microzon customized multi - micronutrients

At Pristine we excel in formulating custom specific multimicronutrients
(Vitamins/Minerals/Amino acids premixes individually or in combination)
under the brand name "Microzon".

Premix for Flour FortificationKnow More about FORTIFLOUR

A Premix To Help Simple Fortifying of flour

Fortifying something as widely consumed as atta would be a great way to
combat micro nutrient deficiency.This would also restore micro nutrients
lost during wheat processing

Welcome To Pristine Micronutrient Premixes

Pristine is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of micronutrient premixes (vitamin and mineral premix) for food fortification. Pristine is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of nutritional supplements and fortification of food aiming to provide the final touch for nutrition in the food industry.

As a member of the Pristine Organics Group, with a strong focus on nutritional products, Pristine Premix solutions benefit from access to a network of highly skilled nutritionists & industry professionals. This enables us to be at the leading edge of product innovation and development.

In combination with our access to prime quality raw materials and food formulations, our R&D, analytical testing labs and constant focus on providing added value have resulted in many top-quality products and solutions for the food & nutraceutical industry.







Pristine Nutraceuticals



Analytical Testing Lab

Our state of the art NABL accredited lab is capable of testing various parameters as per global standards.

Our highly skilled chemists and microbiologists team commits itself to always be proactive and responsive to any of our customers’ requirements, thus facilitating the different tests at our lab, leading to a faster commercialization of ours & customer’s products..

Pristine Quality assurance Lab


Micronutrient Premix

Selecting A Quality Micronutrient Premix

Micronutrient Premix is particularly a complicated commodity.…

Fortified Instant Noodles Improve Nutrient Intake

Consumption of instant noodles is increasing in Asia. Fortifying…

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Integrated nutrition policy is the need of the hour.
It’s important to intensify efforts to reduce malnutrition and address the broader determinants of under-nutrition

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